Nebula's Eye Helix Silver Ring

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A mystical ring in which an array of grotesque, intrinsic and supreme artistry encircle your finger with radiant flashes of exuberance. Iridescent gold, poudretteite, and silver-tone ornaments enchant with their lavish cast of brilliance. Exclusive and not available in stores.

  • Measures 18mm in width, customizable in size genuine silver
  • Functions with mastery and royalty
  • Breathtakingly well-crafted spellbinding style
The rich content of Thai silver jewelry is exquisite, like a work of art, stunning, elegant and polished. Finest silversmiths work primarily with softer pure silver and therefore grants itself to their style of decorating more easily, as they do more shaping and casting of the adornments. Premium quality and LIMITED EDITION.

The striking eye of god at the core symbolizes the source of sagacity and sheer wisdom, the dawning of esoteric power in the forehead of a deity. It is one of the most iconic astronomical images in cosmology, the eye-like Helix Nebula. Delicate, whimsical, and bold in its statement, this endearing ring gives an absolute eye-catching glitter and lustrous sparkle. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!