Ocean Cleanup Awareness Ceramic String Bracelets [Set of 2]

Some 72% of water occupy our planet and the largest bodies of water are getting polluted at an alarming rate as each day passes by. The Ocean Cleanup Awareness Ceramic String Bracelets are our way to extend help to the much-needed cleanup of our oceans. Colored blue to mimic the originally stunning azure of the deep seas, these bracelets are a Ring to Perfection exclusive.

  • Get 1 Bracelet and get another 1 bracelet for free
  • Length:
    • 7" or 18 cm
    • 8.2" or 21 cm
  • Handmade rope with premium ceramic beads
  • Handcrafted and might have 1-2 cm length difference

Made using high-quality materials, our artisans wove the bracelets with accuracy to help the cause to help rejuvenate the slowly disintegrating marine life and the dying oceans.