Orange Harlequin Opal Engagement Ring

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Straight out from the Victorian era, this Orange Harlequin Opal Engagement Ring is extravagant with its audacious color, stones, and borders. It is graced with 5 different sized Harlequin Opal stones with rectangular and diamond-shaped patches of color. The center stone is bordered with orange garnets that add more heat to its fiery colors resulting to a 12 mm wide ring face. To balance the colors, it is held together by a white gold band. It is definitely prominent and won't fail to go unnoticed.

  • Easy to maintain
  • Heavily detailed
  • 100% durable and high-quality materials used
  • Exquisite and radiant

Definitely a luxurious ring, it has a gist of royalty and resembles a few rings worn by the queens. It is a foolproof offering to the queen of your life that can settle any arguments or misunderstandings. You may even turn into her official king or consort with this one. Buy one now and carry her off to your castle!