Ovis Aries Thunderhead Silver Bracelet

Size Guide
Bracelet Size Guide

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Bracelet Sizing Chart

Size US (inches) EU (cm)
XXS 6.3" 16
XS 6.7" 17
S 7.1" 18
M 7.5" 19
L 7.9" 20
XL 8.3" 21
XXL 9.1" 23

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Inspired by the ruminant sheep of the great Andes Mountains, this intricately designed LIMITED EDITIONbracelet is a mixed of vibrancy and exquisiteness. Consisting of eight luxurious crania of the herbivore Ovis Aries, this Thai silver jewel distinctly brings brightness to any look.  

  • 8.46" or 21.5cm in length
  • Explicitly cleaned and polished
  • Supreme, genuine and pure silver content

Fashioned from senescence of savoir vivre, Thai silver undergoes historic silver-making methods befallen to different generations. Distinctly enchanting and divine, Thai silver is blazingly soft and shimmers in a lighter color. Inspired by the dazzling sea of flames of traditional silver-making methods, it is hypoallergenic and not heavily oxidized. Gaze the unfeigned beauty of silver on our prime silver collection now!

Crafted to a standard of impeccability, this bold and sophisticated bracelet is the perfect sparkler for any outfit. Safety bone hook ensures a secure fit and promises carefree wear.