Oxblood Taffeta Luxury Silver Ring [2 Variants]

Size Guide

Intricate artistry expresses spirit and essence, a precise by-product of enchanting artisan craftsmanship, characterized by swirling splendid silver climbing towards the imperial ruby adornment, this exclusive ring captivates with its luscious cast of brilliance. LIMITED EDITION and not available in stores.

  • Measures 15mm in surface width, customizable in size genuine silver
  • Profusely cleaned and polished
  • Dynamic high-end embellishment and majestic charm
Sterling Silver undergoes delicate silver-making mechanism compassed for centuries. Since it contains less mix of other metals, it is hypoallergenic and not heavily oxidized. Shine with the real beauty of silver on our luxury jewelry now!

Meticulously created to flow like velvety taffeta, discreetly completely refined, this premium ring emits an extreme radiant glow to any outfit, yours sumptuously. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!