Pineapple Charm Lucky Natural Bead Bracelets [4 Colors]

Welcome 2018 with by wearing this Pineapple beaded bracelet. Pineapple has always been a symbol of a hospitality, friendship, and a fruitful welcome. If you wish to have a FRUITFUL year, this bracelet is the best charm to wear. Known as the symbol of hospitality and friendship, this will surely make you look approachable and sweet! Paired with smoothly polished natural stones, it gives you an interesting aura.

  • Length: 19 cm
  • Casually elegant and fresh
  • Made of genuine natural stone beads
  • High-resiliency elastic band

Although it has quite a weight, you will not be irritated by it rolling up and down your arm. It features an elastic band that holds the stones and charm together durably. Get two for free shipping anywhere in the world where they have pineapples! ;)