Pink Ringed Hand Knitted Good Luck Rope Bracelet

The color pink is more often associated with universal love and compassion for oneself and for others. With this Pink Ringed Hand Knitted Good Luck Rope Bracelet the deep pink color of the string chain channels the more ardent and more compassionate aspect offamiliar love, the one that conveys a calming effect on people.

  • Dimensions: (length): (16.5cm)
  • High-end non-fading not easy to fray colored symbolic strings
  • Premium quality high-grade metal hardware andbox-with-tongue-and-safety clasp
  • Highly resilient tension mounting and adjustable knot closure

This bracelet has a trendy look that presents its symbolism in high fashion. Wear this lucky string bracelet and attract admiring glances with its classy attractive design while harnessing the good fortune it brings. Nothing is more calming than a confidence steaming from sophistication and chic.