Psyche Healing Energy Titanium Ring [3 Colors]

This classic signet titanium ring is made using the strong, durable and extremely lightweight titanium. Since its discovery in the 1700s, skilled artisans love to use this material for making jewelry secure in the knowledge that not only are they producing intricate, classic and vintage pieces but also shaping powerful healing and balancing energy harnessing tools

  • Durable, high in tensile strength; dent, crack and scratch-resistant medical grade titanium
  • High in giftable idea value for wedding, engagement, birthday or graduation 
  • Hypo-allergenic cadmium, lead, and nickel free
  • Can be used as a couple or engagement ring

Psyche healing and balance is important towards achieving optimal health. Complete physical healing can never be achieved when your emotions and psyche are disrupted. Achieve the full benefits of healing with your very own titanium ring to harness every positive energy it can attract, you can start sooner by purchasing this ring now!