Rain Deer Handmade Bamboo Watch

A lightweight jewelry that rests smoothly against the wrist, wrapped in elegance and graced in brilliance. The handcrafted genuine leather strap is adjustable for a flawless fit and the safety clasp ensures a secure lock. Surreal, luscious dear charm serenades at the center of the precious face of this LIMITED EDITION watch, not available in stores.

  • 44mm in case diameter, 20mm in bandwidth, 12mm in thickness and 9.84" or 25cm in length
  • Made of delicately selected premium quality bamboo
  • Adorable and adjustable watchband
  • Sumptuously adorned and extremely resilient

Hidden amidst the serene rainforest of the Alpine Snow Mountains, this exclusive watch is as charming as the Père David's deer. Native to the subtropics of China, these deer have unique branched antlers where long lines point backward, while the main beam extends almost directly upward. 

Add a touch of irresistible beauty to your look with this exquisite watch. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!