Retro Bohemian Ethnic Lucky Charm Rope Bracelet

This Retro Bohemian Ethnic Lucky Charm Rope Bracelet is made of multi-colored rope chain and lucky knots with a symbolic charm. It channels courageous energy and is good for grounding and connecting with nature. A trendy bohemian inspired lucky string bracelet that will always look as good as you because it fits well with any fashion style.
  • Comfortable adjustable length secured by a reliable box-with-tongue-and-safety toggle clasp 
  • High-end premium quality not easy to fray multi-colored Thai rope strings
  • Long-lasting non-fading metal hardware
  • Highly resilient tension mounted rope chain and Chinese Knot that will not easily unravel with constant tugging

Good fortune will befall those who are not hesitant to attract them. Wearing this good luck bracelet will ensure you receive them in abundance. Start now by buying 2 variants, one for you to wear, the other one to give away as a gift, you'll receive your first blessing in the form of our Free Shipping bonus for a minimum of 2 products ordered.