Retro Mood Ring

Size Guide

This vintage inspired Retro Mood Ring looks like nothing this age offers. It is a piece that you could only have with the help of a time machine. Flaunting a boisterous color-changing crystal that is almost as wide as your finger, this is a fashion forward-backward piece.

  • Fashionably nostalgic
  • Bright and colorful
  • Suitable for casual occasions
  • Limited Edition

Supported by prongs and a bearing that is directly fastened to its band, this ring is as strong and lasting as it looks. The finely constructed details on its band add to its peculiarity and character. Due to its color versatility, you wouldn't need to find the right match for it. It will make you look wonderful in whatever outfit you wear! Buy two or more of the Retro Mood Ring to get our FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!