Rock Star Guitar Stud Earring

Rock and sway to the beat of the music! You enjoy feeling the pulsing rhythm course through your body to your soul most of the time. You always seek out these moments to feel alive. From mellow to whistling falsetto as long as there is rock rhythms and beats are the kind of music that feeds your soul. You can enhance the ambiance! Wear this funky miniature guitar stud earring, the perfect accessory to your funky get-ups to help you achieve the right glam rock look. 

  • High-grade premium quality stainless steel
  • Reliable extra-secure push-back lock
  • Ageless miniature guitar shape statement stud style
  • Nickel-free lead-free high-end silver/gold /black electroplating finish
  • Hypo-allergenic skin friendly

Well received and loved by friends, we know this iconic guitar rock star earring could spread positivity and acceptance of the rock music genre. Mostly misunderstood as just screamo, whistles and falsetto with banging cymbals and screaming guitars as background you could advocate for rock as real music. Wear this earring and with your high fashion style, rock music would come to be accepted and understood outside of its following. Get 2 to enjoy our Free Shipping for purchases of 2 or more. Give one away as a peace offering boldly telling that someone rock music is just like any other music.