Rolo Medium Solid Silver Chain Bracelet

This LIMITED EDITION chain bracelet features the mesmerizing Rolo Chains that are made of pure premium Silver. The chains are identical and round. These chains are linked together using a special alternating sequence technique, making this type ofchain highly durable.

  • The solid Rolo Medium bracelet has a size to choose from 7.08" (18cm) up to 8.66" (22cm)
  • Distinctive round chains with thickness of 0.27"(1.4cm)
  • Secure tongue-tube clasp gives a strong hold

Featuring Karen Hill Tribe Silver, this splendid silver bracelet is lighter than Bali and Sterling Silver allowing it to sparkle brighter than its counterparts. It contains up to98% precious silver which makes it perfect for people with metal allergies. Handcrafted by the great silversmiths of the Karen Tribe, this exquisite bracelet is the perfect adornment for any occasion. Its sleek style gives a masculine effect while its resplendent radiance presents a superior attraction to the wrist.