Rope Ceramic Charm Bracelets [2 Variants] [Set of 2]

Handcrafted with meticulous expertise, our Rope Ceramic Charm Bracelets are hybrids of the edgy and the trendy. The durable charm is made of ceramic material which makes it scratch-resistant. The rope chain also is made by our finest artists. You'd be glad to know that you get 2 bracelets for the price of 1! Yay! 

  • Length: 20 cm
  • Easy to clean 
  • Stylish and durable

Our Rope Ceramic Charm Bracelet is a unique item which will undoubtedly lighten up your wardrobe. Absolutely wonderful as a gift to show your friends some appreciation they deserve! 

Did you know that if you get two of our Rope Ceramic Charm Bracelet, you get FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD? Grab this incredible deal now!