Royal Poinciana Lotus Prosperity Bracelet

The florid beadwork of this alluring bracelet exudes a vibrant blossom of lavender's breath and evokes an enchanting burlesque of lush meadows soaring to the sky. A lavish style of artistry and adornment originating from the far east, this handmade bracelet is distinguished by its elegant refinement in using premium quality bodhi seeds. LIMITED EDITION and not available in stores.

  • Artisan handmade precious beads, 15cm or 5.90" - 18cm or 7.09" in length
  • Strikingly brilliant oriental beauty 
  • Meticulously hand carved 15mm essential beads
  • Dynamic high-end adornment and prosperity charm

Extremely resilient and spontaneously fantastic, this enticing bracelet is embellished with delicate tagua-nut fish charm and luscious white pearls that flourish towards the cusp swinging in Dallas Blues. Tagua-nut fish is a traditional Chinese lucky sign that brings peace and attracts fortune to your life. Yours perfectly and WORLDWIDE SHIPPING IS FREE!