Rustic Lamina Bamboo Wooden Sunglasses

A specially designed LIMITED EDITION wayfarer style sunglass. It features a unique Rustic printed pattern, The Rustic is a kind of bamboo wood used in floors because of its smooth and shiny attributes. It's a well formed and furnished to hold the lenses which support by the securing screw on the hinges. It's a full framed bamboo wood from thebridge, frames, hinge, temple up to earpiece. The earpiece is formed to a curving shape followed to ear shape for a comfortable wearing.

The Rustic Lamina Bamboo Wooden Sunglasses comes in three color lens variation, in blue, yellow, and green. Each lens measures in width of 50mm or 5cm and in height of 45mm or 4.5cm. It has a polarized lens to protect the eyes from UV rays. A fantastic bamboo wood box for a secured packaging. Order now before its gone! FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!