Saga Martha Silver Prayer Box Necklace Pendant

Dazzled with the Tibetan Mantra script, this premium prayer box necklace rejoices the Buddhist six-word prayer hymn, "Om Mani Padme Hum". When chanted out deeply or peacefully to one's self, this praise invokes the commanding recognition and consecration of Marthammor, the deity of travel and protection. LIMITED EDITION and not available in stores.

  • Measures 2" or 5.1cm in length and 13mm in width pure Tibetan silver
  • Characterized by the use of flamboyant style
  • Tremendously well made and remarkably resilient
Tibetan silver is used essentially in jewelry elements due to its ancient allure, delicately polished to present intense fascination on intricate castings. Showcase an enchanting style
with this exclusive ornament, perfect as a decorative jewelry or a useful piece for prayer and meditation. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!