Silky Petal Wooden Bow Tie [15 Variants]

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This premium hollow bow tie is a classic corporate event favorite. The silky structure, yet striking surface creates an elegant and timeless look. The artistic middle fabric compliments excellently with any ensemble from business casual to everyday wear and ideal on any functions from anniversary party to wedding bands.

Bow Tie Name: Dariuswhich symbolizes wealth and protection

  • Size: 12 x 5cm
  • Spontaneously fantastic genuine wooden tie made of Ashwood, Black Walnut, and Wenge wood
  • Extremely tenacious and professionally polished
  • Exclusive and not available in stores

Blend this handmade bowtie with smooth khaki pants and sleek collar sleeves. Clasp a perennial boutonniere that goes flawlessly with your favorite outfit for a stand out sophisticated style. The innovative technique combines modern technology and exceptional artistry with superior workmanship creating a priceless piece of craft.

Soothe your mood with these LIMITED EDITION bow ties, the hardwood for your manhood where every wood is good. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!