Silver Butterfly Hyalite Opal Engagement Ring [2 Variants]

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Always be ready to face whatever awaits you in the future with this Silver Butterfly Hyalite Opal Engagement Ring. The center stone is a translucent Hyalite Opal spheroid that resembles a fortune teller's crystal ball if seen from above. This is an uncommon kind of Opal and is priced for its rarity. It is held in place by a prong with a butterfly highlight in a corner that gives it a girly charm.

  • Excellent workmanship
  • Fits to perfection
  • Band is mirror polished
  • Attention-catching
  • Very durable

The shoulder and bridge of the ring are carved with continuous art nouveau patterns and sequences. The band is made of high-quality metal and is set in Silver. It is lustrous and would never lose its shine!