Silver Stainless Steel Camouflage Paracord Bracelet

The Silver Stainless Steel Camouflage Paracord Bracelet is one of the finest survival accessories you'll ever see. The anchor shackle clasp of this bracelet is made from the finest quality of stainless steel. The cord of this bracelet itself is of type-IIIparacord that can hold up to 550 pounds of weight

  • Length: 23 cm/9.1 in (1 in = 2.54 cm)
  • 100% premium quality Stainless Steel
  • Military-grade 550 cord

Perfect for any type of outdoor survival situations, these trendy paracord bracelets can be disentangled. The cord can be used in various types of survival needs like shelter, making fire, creating traps and snares, fishing lines, and a lot more! Perfect as gifts for everyone, get two or more now and get FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!