Simple Silver Barrel Tube Lucky Red Rope Bracelet

The rhombus or lozenge shape bead charm of this Simple Silver Barrel Tube Lucky Red Rope Bracelet is symbolic and represents inner focus that humans need to posses during their lifetime. It is a reminder that we all need to reinstall within ourselves balance between the Yin and the Yang energy and reflect it into others. Wearing this bracelet channels petitions to install a significant change within the consciousness of the wearer to supersede ego and make him act for the benefit of everyone.

  • Premium quality ultra fine non-tarnish round and lozenge-shaped sterling silver beads 
  • Durable and resilient woven non-fading not easy to fray lucky red rope string chain 
  • Ultra-secure adjustable pull knot lock highly resistant to tugging
  • A vintage lucky rope string bracelet style that can fit any wrists sizes with it adjustable rope chain
  • Will look equally good on both women and men

Give someone the capability to petition for a great change to happen within oneself by gifting him or her this precious lucky red rope string bracelet. This may not be rich in monetary value but its inherent good fortune to harness energy for significant change more than make up for this lack.