Royal Straight Flush Leather Bracelet

Perfected from exceptional quality leather, this captivating bracelet bestows an extraordinary allure to any occasion. Braided pelage intensified with the dazzling charm of blissful spades and royal straight flush wraps around your wrist in this exclusive LIMITED EDITION bracelet.
  • 7.87" or 20cm in length premium quality leather
  • Breathtakingly attractive that lays stunning on the wrist
  • Sumptuous, distinct scent of leather is soft on nostrils yet so refreshing
  • Tremendously well made
  • Features compact secure safety clasp

Inspired by the latin phrase Ludi Vitae which means the game of life, this enchanting bracelet exemplifies the philosophy of determinism and reinforces enduring persistence. Avant-garde in design and powerful in its message, this is a wonderful addition to any jewelry enthusiast's collection. Get two or more now and enjoy FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!