Solar Neighborhood Necklace

Hop on an adventure to the neighbors of our planet with the Solar Neighborhood Necklace! Each glass dome in the necklace shows a part of the galactic vicinity that's breathtakingly beautiful!

  • Necklace Length: 21.6" - 23.5" or 55 cm - 60 cm
  • High-Quality Glass Pendants
  • Premium Bronze Chains
  • High-Definition Celestial Centerpiece

There are many places to see in our solar purlieu! From the biggest planets around to the moons, the sights are just as beautiful as they are huge and far. This necklace lets you go on a quick trip to each of these places without moving while possessing a piece of their celestial beauty around your neck! The Solar Neighborhood Necklace is the perfect necklace for every Solar System inhabitant! Get two or more and enjoy FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!