Sophisticated Couples Mood Ring

Know what your partner is feeling with the Sophisticated Couples Mood Ring! The ring is made from high-quality materials to make the ring comfortable to wear every day to show everyone around you that you and your partner are hopelessly in love with each other with the help of the color lime flashing in your ring.

  • Width: 0.2" or 6mm
  • Perfect for him and her
  • Simple and Minimalist
  • RTP exclusive
  • Limited stock only

Mood rings are popularized back in the 70's, with its catchy color changing features and a classic look, the Sophisticated Couples Mood Ring is a great ring to give to your partner! You do not even have to guess what your partner is feeling, you just have to look at the ring to know what your partner is feeling! Buy two, for yourself and your partner, the Sophisticated Couples Mood Ring to get our FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!