Sparkling Disco Ball Bead Bracelets [4 Variants]

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Our shining, shimmering, splendid Sparkling Disco Ball Bead Bracelets are dazzling little accessories that are handmade from sleek, pure, best-grade copper to steal any kind of show. Each tiny gleaming bead, sized 8mm in diameter, add a brilliant touch to the bracelets!

  • Length: 19 cm/7.5 in 
  • Latest release
  • 100% natural stones

Secured by a high-quality toggle clasp, the Sparkling Disco Ball Bead Bracelets are indeed a sight to see. Perfect for owning the day with attention-catching outfits, these are the final add-ons you need to get that amazing look! Don't want to pay for shipping? Purchase two of these and we'll take care of the FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE for you!