Spirit Animal Stainless Steel Self-defense Ring [12 Options]

This Spirit Animal Stainless Steel Self-defense Ring is made of hardened fine steel polished to perfection via vacuum plating. This is an excellent self-defense and protection ring provided by the concealed razor edge knifepoint hidden inside a rectangular hinged compartment at the ring's crown. The hinged cover is engraved with your spirit animal to summon their protective chakra. This ring blade weapon is excellent as fighting weapon for men and as anti-wolf for women because attackers today are not intimidated by your masculinity and feminity. The knifepoint weapon is highly capable of inflicting a deep cut, enough to temporarily disarm even the most impassioned attacker giving you a chance to escape or dislodge your attacker's hold aided. 

  • Dimensions (diameter x thickness x crown size): 13.78 x 9.84 x 3.94" (35cm x 25cm x 10 cm)
  • Conveniently lightweight at 0.085kg (0.19lb.)
  • High-grade non-tarnish stainless steel main material
  • Handcrafted to a standard of perfection for full efficiency
  • Comfortably adjustable ring band

Get your Spirit Animal Stainless Steel Self-defense Ringnow and don't forget to gift a loved one an enduring security which you cannot provide when you two are apart.  We have an outstanding Free Shipping premium which you can enjoy with your purchase!

**We do not promote violence in any way and this product is only meant for self-protection in case of an attack.**