Spunky Schnauzer Oil Dog Necklaces [6 Variants]

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Schnauzers are great companions made of spirited balls of fur. Our Spunky Schnauzer Oil Dog Necklaces are a good way to show your love for these adorable dogs. Colorful and durable, these are handpainted with the best quality enamel available! 

  • Limited Edition
  • Length: 17.7" or 45 cm 
  • Wear-resistant

Fearless and obedient, these pups will surely snap you out of your funk with their happy barks. A must-have for all animal lovers, our Spunky Schnauzer Oil Dog Necklaces will surely lighten up a dog lover's mood! Don't miss out on FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING for purchasing two or more Spunky Schnauzer Oil Dog Necklaces!