Square Crystal White Gold Rings [Set of 2]

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Radiate your day and tell your naysayers to suck it up with this bold, brave, and bright Square Crystal White Gold Ring Set that is heavily decorated with clear gems. On the head is a square cut crystal that is enclosed in with similar but smaller stones. Its band is inlaid with stones as well that will surely reflect any light that comes its way. Its band is molded with a standard fit cut showing how it is a new take on a classic.

  • Radiant and Extraordinary
  • Timeless
  • Get two for the price of one

The other band that comes with it is also inlaid with similar gems around it. You can wear them stacked or individually, regardless, they would still have the same vibe and confidence. The gems are individually set that assures precision and care in its creation. It is elegant, dazzling, and all you've ever wanted.