Sri Chakra Yantra Pendant Necklace [4 Variants]

Be prepared to face everything that the universe will throw at you with positivity with this Sri Chakra Yantra Pendant Necklace. Invite the 'Mother Goddess' into your life by wearing this around your neck. The visible dot in the center known as the bindu of this geometrically proportional mandala is said to be the physical form of Her Holiness and is the junction between the physical and spiritual realms. All the patterns have their own symbolism. The first enclosure is the "Deluder of Realms". The second one is the "Fulfiller of Hopes" and the innermost level of petals represent the"Agitator of All." The triangles have different meanings based on their placement as well. The outer triangles are the providers of prosperity, the next ones signify the achiever of all objects. The next one, protector of all; finally, the remover of sickness. The triangle that envelopes the bindu is called the bestower of all attainments.

  • Perfect for meditation 
  • 100% durable materials used
  • Limited edition
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This mandala has played an important role in tantric meditation. It brings you to a higher level of consciousness and understanding of everything around you. This piece corresponds with the law of attraction wherein you achieve the things that you think of. It holds power to channel those that are in your head to your hands through meditation and visualization.