Stainless Steel Outdoor Defense Survival Ball Necklace [4 Variants]

This cool and powerful steel ball necklace can be used as a self-defense survival whip, a trendy macho hand bracelet, emergency waist chain, car decoration, necklace, and more! Crafted in the spirit of the 108 Buddha Beads design as an ACALA martial arts tool this necklace/bracelet has 108 buddha beads which can also be used as an amulet. The beads have been blessed by eminent monks and meant to bring good luck and good fortune.

  • Length: 41.73" (106 cm)
  • Small Bead Diameter: 0.39" (10 mm)
  • Big Bead Diameter: 1.02" (26 mm)
  • Full Weight: 380 grms
  • Made of premium 304 stainless steel very durable, robust and powerful
  • Strong enough to break a zip-top can but completely legal to carry anywhere
  • Skin-friendly, non-tarnish, non-fading premium quality clear metal coating finish
  • High in aesthetic value, excellent enough to wear as a fashion bracelet or a fashion necklace
  • Secured by a reliable quick release design clip lock can rapidly transform into a Self Defense Whip 
  • Reliable and highly resilient 2mm diameter steel wire threading rope that can withstand weight of at least 250kg 

Get your own self-defense EDC survival steel ball necklace now. No worries on lock clip breaking up when used as hanging harness. The clip is waterproof, solid and made of high-quality alloy. The clip can be conveniently replaced by releasing it using a screwdriver.  So go to check out with 2 of this necklace and your package will be Shipped To you for Free as a bonus for purchases of 2 products or more.