Stainless Steel Flat Bead Magnetic Therapy Bracelets

With the combined power of four extraordinary natural stones, we have successfully designed a weapon for viral destruction, concealed in the form of a stunning bracelet. Our secret lies in the natural-ion emitting stones embedded underneath each stainless steel flat bead: germanium, natural ion stone, magnets, and far-infrared.

Research shows how effective natural ions are in combating bacteria, viruses, and other airborne allergens. On the other hand, germanium, magnets, and far-infrared can all help in enhancing immunity functions, increasing your strength in fighting the COVID-19.

  • Size: 8.4" (21.3cm)
  • Highly-secured foldover lock
  • Hypoallergenic comfy stainless steel flat beads
  • Free adjusting tool

Apart from protection and enhanced immunity, natural ions are also scientifically-proven to improve mood and energy. Literally, it can create positive vibes at home, which is what we absolutely need right now, after being stuck due to lockdowns and quarantine.