Summer Slay Polarized Foldable Sunglasses [6 Variants]

Size Guide

Never lose your sunglasses again! The Summer Slay Polarized Foldable Sunglasses are the best accessory for everyone who has an active lifestyle. Throw away the hassle of bringing cases for your sunglasses for these doubles as a bracelet! The foldable pins of the cool sunglasses snap onto your wrist comfortably and no amount of movement can dislodge them! With its unique features, the Summer Slay Polarized Foldable Sunglasses Bracelet were specifically engineered to stay in place while staying in style!

  • Graded UV 400 Polarization 
  • Complete protection against harmful UV rays 
  • Extremely durable
  • Flexible and resilient high-grade silicone pins 
  • Olympic-grade materials

Using the latest technology in active sportswear, these sunglasses are the perfect gifts for your friends and family who love to wear sunglasses but always loses them. Want FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING? Get one for yourself and one more for a friend and we got your shipping covered! Avail now for stocks are running low!