Surreal Archangel Luxury Silver Ring

Angelic and mythical, this premium ring was inspired by the most beautiful sprite, Charmeine, the angel of harmony. Surreal angel wings and divine silhouette hail like luscious raindrops and falling stars aflame. Live like a goddess with this alluring ring. LIMITED EDITION and exclusive.

  • Measures 28mm in surface width and weighs 18g, customizable in size genuine silver
  • Extremely well made and intensely tenacious
  • Breathtaking craftsmanship, elegant style that lays smoothly against your finger

Sterling Silver undergoes meticulous silver-making mechanism compassed for centuries. Since it contains less mix of other metals, it is hypoallergenic and not heavily oxidized. Glow with the real beauty of silver on our luxury jewelry now!

This stunning ring brings beauty, wealth, and love, undoubtedly the perfect sparkler for any outfit. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!