Tangerine Plum Skateboard Bamboo Wood Sunglasses

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A captivating eyewear noticeable even in a far distant. With this tangerine skateboard-cut edges in wayfarer style is made of bamboo wood, an eye-catchy that produces a glaring effect when sunlight hits the surface of the lenses. An angular rectangular framework well on all type of face shapes. The thick frame emphasizes the black and white stripe edges that made the sunglass way more unique in any angle.

  • A stunning mirrored lens design with a measurement of 50mm or 5cm width and 45mm or 4.5cm height
  • Confidently walk under the sun with the polarized tangerine lenses
  • Comes in a remarkable box of vintage style bamboo wood

This is the best eyewear that complements your features. This design is not available in store and specially made by our designers. Order now and get FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!