Three-Layered 550 Survival Paracord Bracelets [8 Variants]

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Tired of bulky paracords that are hard to disentangle? Then these Three-Layered 550 Survival Paracord Bracelets are perfect for you! Each layer of these handmade bracelets is of high-quality, military grade, type III paracords. Meaning, these cords can handle and support up to a staggering 550 pounds of weight. 

  • Length: 8.2"or 21 cm
  • 100% highly-durable clasp
  • Military-grade, Type III paracord
  • Brand New

Paracords are originally made for military survival mission, which is why they are extremely durable. They are meant for surviving in the great outdoors. These survival bracelets are so practical, they can be used in making fires, shelters, bows, fishing lines, tourniquets and more. In love with these paracords? Purchase two or more and get our FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING