Tibetan Yak Bone Prayer Beads

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Yaks play a significant role in the Tibetan culture, Tibetans and Yaks simply could not live without each other.

Hand-carved from the Tibetan Yak bone, this sacred prayer bead is made from Yaks that have passed from natural causes, which allows the jewelry to remain pure for spiritual purposes and supports highest vibrations for spiritual livingLet these skull yak bone beads help you dive deeper into your spiritual quest!

Our Buddhist Artisans create intricate carvings of a skull on each bead to serve as a reminder of the impermanence of life. Each bead was brought to the monks to receive blessings. 

  • Length: 13.50-14cm
  • Featuring 108 malas
  • Bead diameter.: 7-8mm
  • Bead height: 11-12mm

By getting these, we can also help the hardworking Tibetan artisans to make a valuable source while creating beautiful pieces of spiritual art to be enjoyed by many people around the world.