Timberberry Luxury Handmade Bamboo Watch [2 Variants]

This delightful timepiece is an overwhelming triumph of artistry and symmetry. Minimalist yet dauntless, maverick yet lavish. The wooden strap is tenderly handcrafted in vibrant cinnamon brown. Engage in pristine native bamboo where timeless beauty and supreme texture devour. Exclusive and not available in stores.

  • 45mm in case diameter, 22mm in bandwidth, 12mm in thickness and 9.84" or 25cm in length
  • Breathtaking finesse that lays elegantly on the wrist
  • Intensely solid and powerhouse genuine timber
  • Comes with a wonderful premium gift box

As adorable as a bamboo tree, this LIMITED EDITION watch is extremely tenacious, capable of adapting to any circumstance exemplifying resilience and durability. Hesolite crystal glass window protects the dial and face of the watch by its tensile strength making it shatter-proof.

Fashioned to glamor your wrist, this mesmerizing watch easily adds a gorgeous splendor to any outfit. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!