Tumbled Pink Opal Engagement Ring

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Be elegant and graceful with this Tumbled Pink Opal Engagement Ring. The center stone has been polished to bring out a gleaming smooth finish. Unlike its more colorful counterparts in the Opal family, this type of stone neither refracts nor diffracts light and is translucent. It has a very clear color base that stands on its own. It is supported and fastened onto the bezel of its band.

  • Precision made
  • 100% High-quality materials used
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Exquisite cocktail ring

Its band is electroplated with a rosy gold stain that impeccably harmonizes with the pastel crepe pink shade of the center stone. Fine details are carved on the edges of the bezel and the look is finished with a carpet of clear white crystals on the shoulders and bridges of the band. This geometric ring is a sophisticated accessory for a romantic night out!