Vampire Diaries Hyalite Opal Engagement Ring

Size Guide

Be on trend with this Vampire Diaries Hyalite Opal Engagement Ring. Just like its movie series equivalent, You will surely wouldn't go out without this ring. The center gem is a Hyalite Opal. Unlike more colorful counterparts, this ring does not refract any colors nor does it have any base color. This tumbled Opal has a fine polished texture and is mounted on a bezel for support and protection.

  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Can tolerate daily wear and tear
  • Low maintenance
  • New urban trend

The rope-like details on the bezel shows an antique impression that enhances its mood. The shoulders and the bridge are etched with well formed and balanced designs that are reminiscent of gargoyles and the Victorian vampire Dracula. The inside and outside part of the shank is polished to provide comfort for the finger. It has quite a weight, and although it is not made from sterling silver, it is molded from similar metals. Supply is limited to get yours now!