Vintage Wanderlust Travel Necklace

Your dream destination awaits!

Wear our Vintage Wanderlust Travel Necklace and take off to your dream destination and simply show off your love of travel and wanderlust nature with it. A delicately crafted gold and silver airplane and a wanderlust hand stamped disc pendant statement necklace perfectly styled for those who love to get their high flying to explore places.

  • Pendant Size: 1.08" (2.9 cm)
  • Premium high-grade non-tarnish long steel link chain
  • High-end durable lobster clasp lock
  • Clear and precisely cut wanderlust statement stamp engraving

This necklace can be worn at home or on travels by those who want to have their wanderlust nature known. Also, a perfect gift ideafor those members of the family or for those in your circle of friends whose love and drive for travels are dominant in their nature. The perfectly combined reason to head to check out now with one or two products! We Ship for Free as a bonus any minimum of 2 products purchased.