Xiangyun Vector Solid Silver Bracelet

Size Guide

This magnificent bracelet features a classic design called Xiangyun Vector. It is made of high-quality premium silver with the amazing vector artwork pattern engravings. Refined with cultured pure silver content and formed into a contracted c-shape opening. LIMITED EDITION and exclusive.

  • Sleek and dainty premium silver with a diameter of 2.44" or 6.2cm
  • Thickness of 0.4cm, superb for your high-end outfit and for special occasions
  • Features traditional artwork pattern used in Korean designs

This lavish bracelet is made of internationally recognized silver and it conquers the highest percent of the world's jewelry market because of its magnificent characteristic. Genuine sterling silver is the brightest of all metals which also means that it guarantees strength and durability. It was first used by the Italian people in Europe.

Proudly made by leading silversmiths in the country. The Xiangyun artwork is used to design carve patterns, bags, furniture, and paintings alike. The perfect bracelet for any kind of fashion style.