Yintai Cuban Medium Silver Luxury Bracelet

Size Guide

This fine premium sterling silver chain features the Cuban silver wrist hoop. The Cuban link chain is a variation of cable chain with oval-shaped links and added decorative detail in the form of a twisting rope-like pattern. LIMITED edition, not available in stores.

  • Lavish premium silver with length of 7.08" (18cm) up to 8.66" (22cm) size choices
  • Features compact and secure double safety clasp
  • Exclusive Chinese floral artwork crafted by prime silver designers

This precious metal is unaffected by moisture, acids, alkali and other substances alike. Sterling Silver is an extraordinary, corrosion resistant, and reliable metal ideal for jewelry. Popularized in continental Europe, it is used by the royal families for jewelry, royal stamps, and statues. The brightest and whitest metallic element, admirable for daily jewelry wearing. 

Wear this exclusive luxurious bracelet and add a sophisticated glamor to your clothing style.