Anchor Bracelets

Did you know that anchors were originally used on land and not at sea? Ring to Perfection's Anchor Bracelets collection will take you on a journey of why anchors are stellar symbols that need to be added in your symbolic style and meaningful anchor jewelrywith durable chains. The ancient use of the anchor as a symbol started when Christians were being heavily persecuted by the Romans. Early practitioners of Christianity used the anchor symbol as a secret identification to fellow Christians.

Looking closely at the anchor, you can see a cross symbol, the cross is the masculine part of the anchor which denotes actions, thoughts, and consciousness, being firmly balanced and standing upon a crescent moon, the balancing feminine part of the anchor which indicates emotions, intuition, and subconscious. Further interpretations suggest that anchors signify strength, steadfastness, and hope because of how Christians remained strong and unwavering to the tumultuous circumstances back then. As a symbol of strength and hope, seafarers' only hope to traverse the angry and turbulent storms while on the sea these leather anchor bracelets are a good addition to your jewelry collection.

These nautical anchor bracelets for men and women are made by hand using the most steadfast materials to embody the anchor bracelet meaning. Men's and women's anchor rope bracelets with beads are also part of this anchor bracelets collection. Anchor a sense of stability and deep meaning to your style on your next voyage with Ring to Perfection's Anchor Bracelet collection!