According to myth, the Red String is a profoundly powerful mystical symbol of good luck and good fortune. Tracing its history in ancient East Asian Belief, The Red String or the Red Thread of Fate, originating from Buddhism and Tibetan legend is an invisible red cord that ties people destined to meet to become lovers, to marry each other or to be of great help to each other in certain situations. Jewish and Christian traditions also have their equivalent beliefs in the symbolism of the red string. And this boosts the spread of the red string popularity.

In today's modern times, from its ancient mystical beginnings as an invisible tie, it has now become the red strings of good fortune, a lucky piece of jewelry or accessory that can be worn for good luck or be given away as a gift to wish good fortune on the receiver for whatever petitions they need to be heard the most. It may have found a new purpose, but still, it has not shaken off, for the most part, its ancient mission. And that is to invisibly bind people to become each other's pillar of compassion, love, and support in their lifetime.

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