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The Healing Crystals Guide: How to Use Our Gemstone Jewelry

Healing Crystals Gemstone Bracelets Guide

So, you’ve taken the leap and decided to explore the enigmatic world of healing crystals, gemstones, and natural stones. Kudos to you! In this practical guide, we will go hand-in-hand here in your journey towards using healing crystals and gemstone jewelry in your everyday life. Before we go deeper, let us clarify one thing: when we say crystals, we mean gemstones, healing crystals, natural stones, or healing stones. People have been using these terms interchangeably for quite some time and we want to be all-inclusive here. Now, on we go… 

What are Healing Crystals?

Healing crystals are the main natural stones and gemstones that are used in crystal healing, a form of holistic healing that leans towards alternative medicine and spiritual energy. The crystals are used as conduits that allow positive energy to freely flow and negate bad vibes and energy inside and around you.  Spiritual Healing

Now you’re asking how is positive energy blocked but bad energy isn’t? Honey, life isn’t all fast WIFI, warm tippy-toe hugs, your mom’s freshly-baked cookies, and free-flowing wine. The hassle of your Monday morning commute, the bills that need to be paid, the incessant emails from work, your favorite show getting canceled, or the stink eye your neighbor’s kid gave you; all these seemingly little things, when combined, can cause stress and tension that accumulate inside you. These day-to-day activities affect you in larger ways than you can imagine.

Stress and negative energy can cause our chakra points to be unbalanced or blocked. Hence, we need activities or items that can help us rebalance and maintain a healthy chakra system. If you’re a newbie at this, don’t worry, we’ll get into the good stuff in a bit but, basically, every person has seven chakra points that correspond to different parts of your physical and spiritual being. This is where healing stones come in, they remove blockages and protects the wearer from further damage by repairing the out-of-whacked energy balance. 

How Do You Know It’s Time to Use Healing Crystals?

Although healing crystals are mostly for spiritual healing, a messed-up chakra system can have physical manifestations such as headaches, feeling stiffness, and soreness. The pain or the illness varies according to which chakra point is unbalanced. When you suddenly start feeling off or getting a bad feeling about something in your body, take that as a sign that something isn’t right. Better ready your chakra stones soon.  Reiki Healing

Below are some of the things that healing crystals can do for you and your wayward chakra system:

Healing Crystals: Balancing Symmetry is inherent in our lives. It is present in all aspects of this world as if a key to the door of the grand meta of things. Take, for example, bees. Bees are color-blind; however, they are built to recognize the symmetry of flowers, allowing them to feed and exist. The Vitruvian Man, one of Da Vinci’s masterpieces, is a class-act in symmetry. Humans are symmetrical, nature is symmetrical; we thrive on all symmetrical things. The planet’s energy aligned everything into place and in balance. When misaligned, healing crystals can speed up the realigning process.

Healing Crystals: EnergizingTwo words: resonant frequencies. Healing crystals push pure energy in mind, body, or spirituality. Harnessing energy from the quantum field, crystals are excellent conductors of energy by directing the positive energy around you to play in symmetry inside your own energy field.

Healing Crystals: Cleansing – Since crystals are good magnets of energy, they can easily remove negative energy inside you. A healing crystal, when correctly used, can pull out all remnants of damaging bad energy.

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Types of Healing Crystal & Gemstones

Now that we have clarified the benefits of using healing crystals, let us go over the most popular healing crystals that are present in our healing gemstone bracelets and spiritual crystal necklaces. 


Stability best describes the agate stone. It gives the wearer a sense of acceptance of the situation and awareness that perspective is all that matters. The grounding energy of agate is also a great way to play up your strengths and improve on your weaknesses.  Healing Crystals Meaning


If your head is filled with negative thoughts, Amazonite is what you need. The natural healing stone can restore your balance to its most harmonious state. Anxiety, depression, and self-doubts can be eliminated by Amazonites as well.


Amethysts are like our pets after a long day. They harness relaxing energy that can counter the stress of the day. They also help facilitate restful sleep and relaxation.


Smile like lady luck is on your side with aventurine. They especially target the energy of plenty. Win every gamble you bet on with its whimsical energy by giving you the gift of intuition.  

Black Tourmaline

Secure your happy bubble with black tourmaline for it one of the most powerful protection stones in eliminating negative energy. The protective energy shields it creates will keep you in a good mood by having other’s negative energies at bay. 


Citrine is an energizing stone that clears negative energy rather than absorbing it. It retains its happy color by radiating power and confidence.

Clear QuartzHealing Crystals NYC

Clear quartz is for clarity. It is the stone of illumination which links all seven chakra points resulting in a more stable chakra system, clearer mind, and healthier body. 


Game on, garnet! Garnet is the healing crystal of vitality – giving you the energy equivalent to four double espresso shots but without the crash. It arouses the life force, or chi, in the body.


Hematite is like the best friend that doesn’t put up with your B.S. Of all grounding stones, hematite gives you the reality check like no other. If your head has been in the clouds for some time, hematite will keep your concentration on point.


Healing Crystals Near Me

Jade is the stone that you wear when you want to attract prosperity and abundance. The spiritual guidance jade offers made it a classic stone for various ancient and even modern cultures.


Transcending into a higher level of consciousness is easiest with Labradorite. Aside from being a protective stone, labradorite is known for its mysterious powers in lighting up the path of your destiny with its ability to heighten your curiosity.  

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is the stone of awakening. Realizing your true strengths and encouraging you to start that journey through self-discovery. If you’re having issues in articulating yourself or self-expression, a lapis lazuli healing stone can help.


One of the most powerful transformational stones, the tough Malachite is the tough love your mom gives you when you need to realize your own situation. Malachite is also the go-to stone if your relationships tend to always go down the drain.


Moonstone is like that particularly good hair day where your cat eye is on point and you’ve slept 8 hours the night before. It is the stone of tenderness that brings out your inner goddess while playing up your divine femininity.  

Obsidian Healing Crystals And Stones

Practicing reflection is easiest with stunning black obsidian. Looking both at the good and the bad, the obsidian stone will give you a reflection of your true self. It will also assist you in cutting the negative patterns in your life. 


Feeling so high-strung? The healing stone, Onyx, has the energy to help you breathe, take a step back, and find a balance to stabilize yourself. With the ability to give you strength, it will allow you to remove the things that weigh you down. 

Red Jasper

Like the friend who offers you tissues when you rant about your life’s issues, red jasper is a comforting stone with a pure essence. It the pillar of support that will nurture you when you are feeling down. 

Rose Quartz

Be ready to give and receive with rose quartz. Being one of the most popular stones, rose quartz will have you wearing your heart on your sleeve. Opening your heart chakra, it is the stone of universal love.Healing Crystals For You


Sweeping out the dense areas of your chakra system, Serpentine will help bring back balance to your messy hormone imbalances, so healing can take place. It is also the stone of attaining and manifesting, so don’t hesitate to walk the talk!

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is the stone of the woke. No more room for pouting and stewing in your own juices because the vibrant energy of the stone will give you the power to let all the negativity out. Cutting out fear, anger, and jealousy is also the smoky quartz’s forte.


Elevate trust and self-esteem with sweet Sodalite. Establish a better connection between the mind and the body with the harmonious energy of Sodalite.

Tiger's Eye

Primal and passionate, tiger’s eye will bestow you a keen eye for reality. Giving you the power to look at situations with clarity, negative intentions all around you can never get past your tiger eyes.


As the stone of ultimate healing, turquoise is known as the “Master Healer”. Believed as the bridge to heaven, the stone will establish an easy connHealing Crystals Jewelryection to your mind and opens communication with your soul.

Healing Gemstone Colors, Meanings, Uses

Aside from healing benefits of natural stones, they also vary in colors and meanings. Stones of the same color family usually have the same healing properties. Check out the colors and meanings of healing crystals below: 


Meaning: Purity, Clarity, Openness
Uses: Amplification, Substitution, Cleansing
Stones: Moonstone, Quartz

White-colored healing crystals are amazingly absorbent. Perfect for learning and cleansing, a lot of people use white crystals and gemstones to clear and clean the mind when meditating for good fortune and having the protection of the light after dark. Spiritual Healing Crystals


Meaning: Solidity, Blending in, Convention, Orderly
Uses: Grounding, Protecting, Physical-Manifest, Guiding
Stones: Petrified Wood, Tiger’s Eye 

Brown natural gemstones are the stones of stability. They give the wearer a sense of grounding no matter the journey. Hues of brown usually give you a sense of solid foundation when facing a new situation.


Meaning: Vitality, Passion, Life, Danger
Uses: Energizing
Stones: Garnet, Ruby, Jasper

With red being one of the warmest of colors, it is largely associated with warmth. Since it is also the color of blood, it is a strong symbolism for life and passion. Red gemstones are perfect for increasing confidence and action, renewing enthusiasm, and protecting the wearer from anxiety and fear. The surge of energy that red has is a great pick me up and a warning sign. Do Healing Crystals Work


Meaning: Control, Thoughtfulness, Luck
Uses: Releasing, Stimulating, Promoting, Healing
Stones: Sunstone, Copper, Aragonite

Orange natural healing stones are deeply recognized as the color of healing. This is due to the fact orange is very alike with sunshine. Orange gemstones release negative energy and stimulate health. If you are feeling under the weather, orange is the color you need. 


Meaning: Creativity, Intellect, Awareness, Alertness
Uses: Aligning, Focusing, Reorganizing
Stones: Sulphur, Amber, Mookaite

Yellow healing stones are the crystals for breaking bad habits or instilling good ones. They reorganize and cleanse your chakra system to align your intentions to have a laser-like focus on improving your overall health.Green Healing Crystals


Meaning: Growth, Nature, Life, Harmony
Uses: Physical Healing, Redirecting, Balancing
Stones: Emerald, Jade, Malachite 

Green healing crystals are the gemstones of healing for they manifest the powerful soothing energies of the natural world. These stones rid us of the negativity by redirecting our chakra flows to balance each point.


Meaning: Perspective, Inspiration, Confidence
Uses: Communicating, Balance, Inspiring
Stones: Turquoise, Sapphire, Sodalite

Communication and openness are two major things the blue healing crystals allow. If you want to work out the truth about something or discover a blurry truth about yourself, you will never go wrong with blue. Blue also gives you the song to find your muse when in a stump. Blue Healing Crystals


Meaning: Royalty, Wisdom, Insights, Subconscious
Uses: Calming, Reflecting, Mastering
Stones: Lapis Lazuli, Kyanite, Azurite

When you want to find time to take a step back, focus on yourself, and relax, indigo healing stones are the crystals you need. They have been used to guide the self in the chaotic journey to reflect on your own actions and intentions. 


Meaning: Purpose, Good Judgment, Magic, Imagination
Uses: Grounding, Calming, Maximizing, Uplifting
Stones: Amethyst, Iolite, Sugilite

Violet healing crystals are a combination of red and blue colors; meaning, violet stones hold both the powerful energies of red and blue. Being one of the most powerful stone colors, its energy vibrates at an extremely high wavelength of frequency because it combines the cool of blue and the warmth of red. 


Meaning: Mystery, Discovery, Resilience
Uses: Protecting, Absorbing, Deflecting
Stones: Onyx, Black Tourmaline, Obsidian Pranic Healing

Resilient and strong, black healing crystals are the stones of those who want to deflect negative intentions and thoughts. Black has one of the worst reputations but that shouldn’t be the case at all. Having the ability to absorb negative energy and protect the wearer at the same time, black crystals are a must for those who want to establish self-control and the blank slate to start again.


Meaning: Acceptance, Contentment, Tenderness, Love
Uses: Neutralizing, Accepting, Calming, Promoting
Stones: Pink Opal, Rose Quartz, Morganite

Pink crystals are the stones of love and affection. They are the color of romance. With the good combination of fiery red and cleansing white, this symbolizes everything that is good and comforting in love. Compassion and self-worth are also qualities the pink healing stones stimulate easily. They can also deflect anger and jealousy from others. 

Now that you are well-informed about the types, colors, and meanings of gemstones. Let us move on to the best part: learning how to use our gemstone jewelry for healing.

If you have read or done your research about healing crystals and gemstones, you’d know that most people carry a piece of gemstones with them wherever they go. To make this easier, we have the most hassle-free way of having your gemstones on your person: you wear them as gemstone bracelets and/or necklaces.

How to Use Our Gemstone Bracelets For Healing 

Both men and women wear have worn some type of healing crystals at a point in their lives because wearing jewelry and gemstones had been around for some number of unknown millennia.Healing Crystals For Sale

The healing gemstones work best when they are physically near you. Hence, wearing them is basically the best way to get the most of their healing energies.

Gemstone bracelets come in a variety of styles, stone combinations, and colors. Spiritual necklaces feature different natural crystal healing pendants. 

Step One: Choose Your Healing Crystal 

If you are a beginner, it is better to use chakra bracelets which usually focus on 7 stones that represent each chakra point.  

If you know which stone best resonates with you, then by all means, go with that choice. 

If you are a woman looking for love, get gemstone bracelets that have rose quartz in them. Wear it on your left hand to make it more effective.

If you are a man who is proud of your ancestry, go with gemstone bracelets with the hue of brown or green.

If you are an energetic teen looking for purpose, go with violet or indigo. White is also a good choice to balance out that energy.Healing Crystals

Step Two: Set Your Intention and Goal

Here, gender doesn’t really matter. What you should take into account here is the purpose and the intention you focused on.

For all kinds of love, choose pink crystals.

For clarity, go with white natural stones.

For inspiration, pick one with blue or indigo healing beads.

For energy, try a red beaded bracelet. 

For fortune, go with green, blue, and orange.

For growth, you will never go wrong with a stack of green stone beads.

For health, utilize the healing energy of orange healing gemstone beads. Where To Buy Healing Crystals

For awareness, let the illuminating vibe of yellow stones help you.

For consistency, a dash of brown crystal stone bracelets will surely help you stay on the right track.

For spiritual consciousness, wrap the vibrating energy of violet gemstone bracelets is a good investment.

For a harmonious balance of everything, wear multicolored chakra bracelets.

Step Three: Wear Them Every Day

Healing crystals are powerful stones that negate all bad vibes. However, they are not for the impatient.

The key to harnessing their energies is using them habitually and placing them strategically.

Step Four: Be Open

Do healing crystals work? There is nothing that says bad juju like doubt. If you are not totally sold on the idea of the healing effects of these healing crystals, then you are on your own. Remember self-fulfilling prophecies? Yeap.

Remember that you are your thoughts. Thoughts become actions and your actions define you. The healing crystals can pick up these thoughts and will work with them. 

Spiritual Healing with our Crystal Necklaces

Wearing healing crystal necklaces has the same tenets as the healing gemstone bracelets. However, the difference lies in where you wear the stones. Necklaces are very near the chest and neck area, depending on the length.Chakra Healing Crystals

Necklaces are very potent as healing jewelry. Their location is extremely near to the fourth and fifth chakra points, the heart and throat, Anahata and Vishuddha, respectively. 

The Anahata is to “unhurt”. This is where you learn how to cultivate your love and affection your others and, most importantly, yourself. 

Wearing green crystal pendants can hasten the process of acceptance and moving on if you are heartbroken.

Having a black healing pendant gives you the ability to start to love again.

Resting blue stone pendants can make you understand yourself thoroughly.

The Vishuddha, or the throat chakra, is to be “very pure”. This means to speak only with clear intentions and pure truths. The location of this point is not an accident. Since it lies above the Anahata, this means to never talk ill of others and always be compassionate.

Try using brown-colored crystal pendants if you want to break the habit of cussing.Healing Crystals And Gemstones

Use pink crystals as pendants if you need to speak with more compassion.

White natural crystals will help you articulate your thoughts. 

Black stone pendants are great when you want to control your tactlessness.

Violet crystal pendants will aid you in saying the right things at the right time.

Wear orange stone pendants when you are feeling physically ill after eating too many sweets or drinking cold drinks.  

Tips on Using Healing Crystals

Meditate. Since stones are way older than us, they hold certain truths that we can only wish to tap. However, by meditating with these crystals, you can intuitively receive spikes of healing vibrations. Like how “gut feel” led you to certain information that made you the person that you are today. Try concentrating on your bracelet or necklace when you feel a bit lost, then act accordingly.How To Use Healing Crystals

Healing Crystal Grids. Crystal grids are not for everyone. However, bracelets and necklaces are technically a grid on their own. We also have a bracelet that charges overnight when place at the center of reiki stones that come with it. 

Sleeping near healing crystals. Healing crystals are great when we’re awake, However, when we are resting, our mental shields are down. We dream, we rest. Healing, relaxing, and learning are accelerated when we are sleeping near healing crystals, allowing them to cleanse the negativity of the day away.

Move with them. Our energy field is extended to about 3 feet around us. Letting a crystal sit around to not “bother” them, is not the best practice. It is best to give them an “exercise”. Some people have taken their crystal healing on a different level by creating crystal wands that they swish them around, working their entire energy aura.

Cars and homes are viable options. Since healing crystals protect us, it is only a logical choice to put them in our cars and homes. Protective crystals can help build higher energy shields that keep us away from accidents or break-ins. You can also try adding rose quartz in your bedroom to attract the energy of romance. 😊