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Although possible to trace further back, the bohemian style is an alternative way of dressing that reached its popularity way back 1960's to 1970's. Said style can also be called boho chic or boho for short. This is a fashion style that focuses on free-flowing fabrics. This exotic alternative inspired Ring to Perfection's Boho Bracelets collection. The boho style is associated primarily with artists, intellectuals, musicians, and writers. The bohemian style is a mixed pot of various ethnic cultures that was the product of artists living a nomadic and minimalistic way of life 200 years back.

The Bohemian Bracelets collection is filled with boho beaded bracelets that boast color, style, and individuality. True to its name, this collection is one that all artists can be proud of. The Boho Collection also features bohemian friendship bracelets, boho leather bracelets, and more boho jewelry with charms. Bursting with vivid colors of the natural world, we incorporated the boho chic design to suit all kinds of clothing preferences.

Overflowing with creativity that doesn't need to be validated by the mainstream looks, free your mind while freeing your style with these Bohemian leather bracelets for women and men! Ring to Perfection paves a way to a more freeing and grounded sense of dressing style with our Boho Bracelets collection!