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Utilizing various patterns and techniques in the art of braiding, Ring to Perfection introduces you to our most intricate collection yet, the Braided Bracelets! No particular style of braiding dominates this selection of woven bracelets but rather a combination of many ethnic, bohemian, and traditional manner of knotting is used by our talented artists to create women's and men's leather braided bracelets that are perfect for all types of fashion preferences whether you are into free-spirited vibes, calming and charming appeal, or eclectically edgy.

Ever wondered why braided bracelets are called friendship bracelets? Various accounts suggest that this is because braiding is a social art. Braiding takes time - traditionally, it gives way to socialization while doing the act of braiding the hair which results in a more solid bond and deeper connection between the people involved. Metaphorically, braiding is weaving two or more pieces of materials and intertwining them into a stronger and more durable combination. The unique intertwining of two people in friendship and the deeper level of socialization denotes a steadfast relationship that can readily be applied to leather braided bracelets for men and women in this collection.

Showcase your friendship in the artsiest and most fashionable way possible with Ring to Perfection's Braided Bracelets made of various materials like leather, cord, rope, and more!