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There are a lot of negative connotations with wearing choker necklaces in the Victorian era. But today, a lot of people wear it to accentuate their neck and complement their outfits! Even celebrities wear them! Chokers are not only for women, these days men also wear it to adorn their necks! Wearing choker necklaces are believed to add a touch of edginess and sexiness to your everyday outfit. This is a reason why it looks good with a simple white tee and shorts!

Choker Necklaces are vintage beauties that can come with pearls, black laces, and more! Ring to Perfection's Choker collections has a wide array of jewelry pieces ranging from black chokers to metal, velvet, and many many more! Let's celebrate the undying appeal of these mesmerizing piece of jewelry by wearing it! Some might think they are too simple, but remember simplicity is always a classic! Start looking classy but edgy and sexy by wearing a piece of a necklace from our Choker collection!