Introducing our Face Guard Mask collection, our masks are finally here to serve your different needs! Whether you need protection from pollution, allergens, sunlight, or simply want to stay in style, our designs will definitely surprise you.

While some would argue that face masks should be called mouth face masks, lower face masks, or half-face mask because it only covers half of our faces, we can all agree that they all serve the same multipurpose uses.

All washable face masks offer sun protection and cold-weather comfort. But our face masks offer extra benefits like allergy protection and pollution protection. How did we do that, you ask?

Most of our face masks come with a free 5-cloth-layer PM 2.5 activated charcoal air filter that can block dust, carbon emissions, pollen, and other small particles in the air. Therefore, you can wear our face guards while enjoying the outdoors, cleaning indoors, visiting gardens, and driving on the road.

To use them as an allergy face mask, all you need to do is insert our free air filter at the back of the mask and wear it comfortably.

Are you looking for a riding face mask? Our motorcycle face masks are specifically crafted to meet the needs of riders, drivers, cyclists, and motorists. They are tight and highly-secured because no rider has the time to fix masks in place.

Speaking of a tight fit, we also designed most of our regular masks with adjustable ear hoops to ensure each of them fit any face shapes and sizes.

Moreover, our Face shield collection features different colors. We have white face masks, pink face masks, and silver face masks that can complement your go-to attire. However, the best-selling one has always been our black face mask.

As a cherry on top, we offer a Buy 1 Get 1 promo. Check our the mystery mask here!