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Signet rings are one of the most luxurious rings one could own. If you are wondering what these rings are, these are customized rings made specifically for the wearer. Many consider signet rings to be one of the last true hallmarks of authenticity. It is also considered as a reliable signature and seal of authenticity. Custom signet rings were used since the Old Testament for family and individual identities.

These rings are custom-made to achieve each unique design. Recently, these rings have gained popular resurgence. People have seen it in movies and TV Shows. A lot of people are wondering just what Signet Rings engraving means. More generally considered as "gentlemen's rings," these rings typically bore a family crest or another symbol representing an individual on its flat bezel.

The chosen design is usually engraved either directly into the metal of the ring or an insert gem. Most of the time, we see Signet rings used to create a personal seal or signature by pressing it into wax or clay. This is one of its purposes. However, signet rings are not always about representing a family crest or your own's. It could also represent something you believe in, or have a passion for. Here at Ring to Perfection, we offer a wide collection of Signet Rings for sale to fit your tastes. Check out our gallery.